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Product Overview

This cursive writing program uses systematic steps for letter analysis and provides easy-to-remember motor and memory cues. Your students can learn the formations of all lower case and upper case letters in just 12 weeks!

The Benbow Kinesthetic Writing Systems uses groups of letters which share common movement patterns. Groups for lower case letters are Clock Climbers, Kite Strings, Loop Group and Hills and Valleys. Groups for upper case letters include Slim 7 Group, Umbrella Tops and Eggs, High Hills and Deep Valleys, Snake Tops, Half Hearts and Left Swingers, Fat Bellies and Zip. The groups are named and illustrated so students can easily imagine the lead in stroke for each letter in its particular group.

Use in normal classroom settings, with school-age children experiencing perceptual motor difficulties or with any student needing cursive writing remediation. Can also be used with students with learning disabilities.

Complete program includes an Instructor's Manual, Level 1 Workbook, Level 2 Workbook and an Alphabet Models and Group Charts Booklet.

Gr. 2-High School

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