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Autism Assistance

Repetitive or Limited Activities & Interests (9)
Hyper and Hypo Sensitivity (18)
Art Therapy & Autism (20)
Social Skill Delays (2)
Delays in Fine & Gross Motor Skills (10)
Sensory Stimulation (30)
Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication (3)
Music & Movement (1)
& Up (3)
Autism Assistance

Autism Assistance

Autism is a wide ranging disorder that impacts each individual child in ways that are unique to that child. So, it is not possible to identify individual products that will benefit all children with autism.

It is possible, however, to identify general characteristics seen in most children with autism, and to list products that may help in those areas. It can be generally stated that children with autism experience difficulty in the following areas:

Social Skills Delays

Social Skills Delays

Repetitive or Severely Limited Activities and Interests

Repetitive or Severely Limited Activities and Interests

Delays in Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Delays in Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Music & Movement

Music & Movement

For Problems with Hyper or Hypo-Sensitivity For Problems with Hyper or Hypo-Sensitivity
Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
Art Therapy and Autism Art Therapy and Autism
Sensory Stimulation Sensory Stimulation

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Colorations® Wheat & Gluten-Free Dough - 5 1/2 lbs.   
Your Price: $28.99
Micro Light Switch   
Clearance Price: $99.95
Shape it!™ Sand   
Intro Price: $67.99
Pair-a-Chute - Set of 2   
Your Price: $16.99

Foam Dough Large Class Pack   
Your Price: $58.99

Excellerations® Tabletop Light Box   
Your Price: $259.99

Foam Dough Sample Pack   
Your Price: $19.99

Foam Dough Class Pack   
Your Price: $38.99

Colorations® Scented Dough - 6 lbs.   
Your Price: $24.99

Bingo Bottle Refillable Markers with Tips & Caps - Set of 12   
Your Price: $15.99

Colorations® Washable Finger Paint, 16 oz.   
Your Price: $2.89

Crayola® Dry Erase Crayons - Set of 8   
Your Price: $3.89

Sensory Walk - Set of 12 Pieces   
Your Price: $106.24

Colorations® Easy-Grip Paint Brushes - Set of 10   
Your Price: $13.99

Colorations® Liquid Watercolor Paint, 8 oz.   
Your Price: $3.89

Colorations® Classic Colors Liquid Watercolor Paints, 8 o ...   
Your Price: $38.90

Adaptive Resonator Bells   
Clearance Price: $69.98

20" Bright Pillows - Set of 6   
Intro Price: $86.99

A Quiet Space Canopy   
Intro Price: $54.99

Mini Hopper 15"   
Your Price: $12.74

Whopper Hopper 18"   
Your Price: $14.44

Inclusive Puzzles - Set of 8   
Your Price: $43.99
Out of Stock
Notify Me ...

Classic Colors Jumbo Stamp Pads - Set of 6   
Your Price: $29.99

Visual Schedule   
Your Price: $38.00
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